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What is SatBot

High quality arbitrage alerts you can actually trade

SatBot finds only the arbitrage opportunities that are possible for a human to trade

Unlike other alert systems that alert you of every minor so-called opportunity that is impossible for a real human to trade, SatBot gives you smart notifications of arbitrage opportunities that meet certain conditions which allow you the time to get on your exchange and successfully execute the trade. No longer are you alerted all day of things you cannot make profit from. Now, with SatBot, it is humanly possible for you to profit from arbitrage trading!

Why SatBot

Arbitrage Trading Advantage

The beauty of Arbitrage Trading: Trade the difference in price of the same coin on two different exchanges. Buy low on one exchange, and sell high on another exchange. It is a low-risk way to consistently and continuously make profit regardless of market conditions. The beauty of Cryptocurrency Arbitrage Trading is that there are so many crypto coins traded on so many crypto exchanges, so there are many profitable arbitrage trading opportunities everyday.

With SatBot you get notified of opportunities that are safe and humanly possible for you to trade. SatBot is a super-fast at automatically discovering the right trading opportunities that meet the criteria needed for you to have enough time to get online and trade the opportunities.

No need for complex and insecure private API keys. You can just trade on your own exchange account.

It's easy:
1. Get a smart notification from SatBot
2. Log in to your exchange account to trade the opportunity
3. Profit!

Multiple Exchanges

SatBot integrates with multiple crypto exchanges to find the best price disparity of a coin listed on each exchange, so it can find what to trade at each point in time to earn maximum profit.

Machine Learning

SatBot scans data on each exchange for each coin to match multiple sets of data criteria to calculate the lowest risk and highest profitable arbitrage opportunities to trade. SatBot determines the arbitrage opportunities that meet order book calculations for Safe Trade Criteria, and only alerts of opportunities that meet this criteria.


Sign up and let SatBot send you smart notifications of arbitrage trading opportunities you can actually profit from. There is no complex software to install. No need to give us your private API keys. You can trade securely like you always do with your own exchange account. Choose a membership time period. Deposit and withdraw your crypto whenever you want.


$15 per month

Half Yearly

$50 per 6 months


$80 per year

SatBot will start in
SatBot Unique Design

SatBot Dashboard

SatBot has an easy and friendly dashboard that lets you keep track of all your arbitrage trade smart notifications, with useful details for each coin pair on each exchange. It gives you a full list of each coin trade opportunity on each exchange, and how much profit could be made each time.

User Friendly Dashboard having unique feature to do the arbitrage trading but viewing the multiple exchange in the graphical and text format and set the trading accordingly.

  • Monitor Multiple Exchanges
  • Give Suggestions using Machine Learning
  • Alert Notification
  • Full Access Control to User
  • No more expensive fees

Frequently Asked Questions

Below we’ve provided a bit of Satbot, Exchanges, blogs and few others. If you have any other questions, please get in touch using the contact form below.

What is Satbot?

Satbot is a unique platform that provides you smart notifications of real arbitrage opportunities that are safe and humanly possible for you to trade and make profit.

What is Arbitrage Trading?

Arbitrage Trading is a strategy to take advantage of the difference in price of the same on two different exchanges to make profit.

e.g. Let's say the asset Bytecoin (BCN) is listed for trading on two exchanges. At some point in time BCN is trading at $95 on Exchange #1, and simultaneously at Exchange #2 BCN is trading at $100. We may be able to do the following:

  1. Buy 1 coin @ $95 on Exchange #1
  2. Sell 1 coin @ $100 on Exchange #2
  3. Profit $5 from the difference in price

How does it work?

SatBot scans multiple exchanges simultaneously to discover the difference in price of the same coin on two different exchanges. It sends you smart notifications whenever a safe and profitable opportunity becomes available for you to trade. Unlike, other alert systems, SatBot only notifies you of opportunities that are humanly possible for you to trade and make profit.

Are there any extra fees for non-standard services?

No. Everyone has the same pricing for the same service.

Is there any kind of custom membership or enterprise plan?

Right now SatBot has one common service available to the general public. We are actively working on custom and enterprise solutions, and if you are interested in being notified when these become available, please use the contact form to register your interest.


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